¿Por qué nos gustan tanto las piedras preciosas? El mito y la ciencia detrás de los minerales

Why do we love gemstones so much? The myth and science behind minerals

Precious stones are those imperishable objects that are passed from mothers to children, from grandmothers to grandchildren, like priceless little household treasures.

“I don't want anything until I find a place where I can settle. I don't know where that place is, but I know what it's like: it's like Tiffany's."

The phrase was pronounced by the character played by Audrey Hepburn, Holly Golightly, in the famous film adaptation of Truman Capote's book, Breakfast at Tiffany's. And while he pronounced it, Hepburn's huge eyes were lost among the precious stones in that window of the most well-known jewelry store in New York.

Precious stones are those imperishable objects that are passed from mothers to children, from grandmothers to grandchildren, like priceless little household treasures. It doesn't matter if it's a diamond or a sapphire, a rose quartz or a green onyx; Inside that tiny little mineral, family stories are kept, words are said without being named and the history of its owners is immortalized, at least a little.

But in addition, precious stones are palpable chemical symbols that transmit unique messages from the depths of the Earth. Clues that gemologists try to decipher to find out what happens under our feet, but that many others, mixing science with legend, have granted magical and healing properties.

Therefore, below we want to name which are the precious stones with which we work, what they mean according to popular wisdom and which are the most suitable for each moment.

Rose Quartz: it is a variety of quartz that is part of the group of oxides, with the formula SiO2. It is usually in an amorphous, massive state and crystallizing very rarely. The pink color is due to a substitution of Silica by Phosphorus, although it is also common to call quartz coated or with hematite inclusions “pink quartz”. On the emotional level, it is a mineral associated with unconditional love, the heart chakra and the healing of the soul, facilitating self-esteem, personal acceptance and improving the communication of stagnant positive feelings. It is one of the best-selling gemstones, since it combines with all kinds of colors.

Gold Natural Rose Quartz Stone Necklace Violet Necklace - 18K Gold Plated with Rose Quartz

Lapis lazuli: it is a rock composed of lazurite (calcium and sodium aluminosilicate), sodalite, calcite and pyrite. It belongs to the isometric system and is classified within the group of silicates. It is associated, according to Hindu philosophy, with the throat chakra and among its properties is to balance intuition, attract serenity and block external attacks that may disturb our inner peace. It is a stone that combines very well with orange, white and blue tones and is a perfect stone for both summer and winter.

Bruma Earrings - 18K Gold Plated with Lapis Lazuli

Green Onyx : the variety we work with at Vurma is amazonite, a Microcline variety. Its incredible green color is due to a high concentration of lead, although it has also been discovered that it may be due to an ambivalence of Iron. On an emotional level, Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, calming worry and fear, and also dispels negative energy and anger. It is a very elegant stone that is perfect for special occasions, since its hue is very similar to emerald.

Ether Earrings - 18K Gold Plated with Green Onyx

Aqua Chalcedony: cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, belongs to the group of oxides, with the formula SiO2. It is a mineral of volcanic origin. On the emotional level, according to various experts of the New Age trend, it enhances brotherhood, goodwill and favors group harmony and stability over individual egos. It is the stone of summer on its own merits, since it combines perfectly with the brown tone that the skin acquires in the sunny season.

Ring finished in 18k gold with aqua chalcedony natural stone

Jade: it is a green ornamental stone. Their colors vary from light to dark green, but they can also be other colors such as white, gray, and purple. It encompasses two forms of minerals called Jadeite and Nephrite. On an emotional level, it promotes cleansing of the soul and spirit and enhances the balance between body and mind. It is an extremely beautiful stone that combines very well with pastel tones, beige, black and pink.

Jade Flower Earrings - 18K Gold Plated with a Jade stone

Herkimer: it is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust and has a very characteristic morphology similar to a hexagonal prism. On the spiritual plane, according to Hindu philosophy, it raises vital energy and expands its good vibrations to all levels of being. Used in meditation, quartz filters out distractions and, on a mental level, favors concentration and activates memory. One of the best-selling stones in Vurma , it is perfect for all skin types and its unpolished appearance makes it a perfect candidate to wear both on a daily basis and on the most special occasions.

18k Gold plated necklace with a Quartz called Herkimer

Amethyst: it is a violet macrocrystalline variety of quartz . The color can be more or less intense, depending on the amount of iron it contains. For the new age mythology, it is a very powerful and protective stone since it is a natural tranquilizer that helps to block negative environmental energies. It is perfect for special occasions and combines with all shades of gray and black, as well as green tones.

Olivia ring with Amethyst gemstone plated in 18-carat gold

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