We have the same memory of all the islands we have visited.

A memory that looks like a photo that we can look at whenever we miss that recognizable island feeling.

That image in our memory has to do with the fact that the Islands mean moving away from what is known, isolating oneself a little, withdrawing from immediacy to learn to walk with the own rhythm that marks the place, that marks the Island.

We also find the sensation of an Island in the extension of the land, in that exact and recognizable delimitation. A finite and concrete space that can be explored, that must be respected and that deserves to be admired as it is, without any attempt to modify or change it.

We only have the fortune of enjoying them as supporting actors in a film that does not belong to us, neither now nor ever.

And that is what we wanted to recreate with Vurma Island .

A symbolic and serene island full of craftsmanship, respect for the environment, sensitive materials and marked by the slow pace of creation and limited productions.

An island where all respectful and conscious artistic ideas are welcome, where they all have their place.

An island of which you are already part.

Vurma Island

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