Mujeres que nos inspiran: Rocío Montoya

Women who inspire us: Rocío Montoya

Some time ago we decided to contact women who would show from an artistic point of view the contradictions, the complexity and the intricacies of the feminine imagination.
¿Por qué nos gustan tanto las piedras preciosas? El mito y la ciencia detrás de los minerales

Why do we love gemstones so much? The myth and science behind minerals

Precious stones are those imperishable objects that are passed from mothers to children, from grandmothers to grandchildren, like priceless little household treasures.
Mujeres que nos inspiran: Paula Chacartegui. El día que hablamos con Paula Chacartegui

Women who inspire us: Paula Chacartegui. The day we spoke with Paula Chacartegui

Some time ago we decided to talk/contact with women who would encourage us to move forward, who would push us, and even challenge us, to be better and better. Everything started from a premise: if we managed to find out what we found unique about them, perhaps we would also be able to decipher (at least we would try) that secret that obsesses us so much called artistic creation . And that's why we decided to write to Paula Chacartegui (Mallorca, 1995).
Cosas que pasaron en medio del Plá de Mallorca. Cosas que pasaron en medio del 'Plá de Mallorca'

Things that happened in the middle of the Plá de Mallorca. Things that happened in the middle of the 'Plá de Mallorca'

Some time ago we met in the middle of the Mallorcan plain, very close to the town of Muro, with the sole objective of bringing our new designs to life.
Así hacemos los bolsos de 'Cuero Vegano'

This is how we make 'Vegan Leather' bags

We have been wondering for a long time: Are we capable of creating bags focused on winter? Can these be respectful with the Environment? Can we, in the middle of a Pandemic, design/launch/create some bags in Spain? Can we finally flee from leather and fur to promote other types of finishes that involve 0 animal suffering?
Da igual de qué año seas, los aros siempre estuvieron ahí

It doesn't matter what year you are, the earrings were always there

It may be that for many the earrings are simply circular pieces that hang from the ears and it is true that, perhaps, they are simply that. However, sometimes it happens that behind each object an invisible and symbolic universe is created, an ecosystem of words, myths and legends that transcend the object itself and, somehow, elevate it to another category.
El día que aparecimos en la revista Elle con otras marcas que nos encantan

The day we were featured in Elle magazine with other brands we love

We, not even after 12 rounds of wine in a row, would have thought to be reviewed in a blog by ELLE Spain magazine along with brands that we like as much as LOEWE or The Basket Room But on the list of things that we never imagined there are also other less glamorous issues : not having weekends, having spent many summers setting up stands under 34 degrees,
El día que fuimos a una antigua carpintería y pasaron cosas muy chulas

The day we went to an old carpentry shop and very cool things happened

There are places to be and there are places to remember. Timeless places that break the standards of the ordinary or places where you stop and think: how is it possible that everything fits in the same four walls!
¿Por qué nos encanta Nerea Alós?

Why do we love Nerea Alós?

Find people who broadcast in the universe of Instagram likes and followers naturalness, personality and difference is not always as easy as it might seem. Women who are not only aesthetic referents, but also vital (and real) referents in a world in which, sometimes, everything seems faked, copied and trite.
Sibylla: inspiración e historia de una colección handmade

Sibylla: inspiration and history of a handmade collection

Finally, #Sibylla has seen the light. Our little tribute to simplicity in all its forms, to magnanimous and imperfect nature. A kind of embrace of fluid forms, sustainability and the art of all the small objects that surround us every day.
Cómo limpiar tus joyas de plata y latón bañado en oro

How to clean your silver and gold-plated brass jewelry

For Buddhists, cleansing is almost a purification ritual for the soul. A way of understanding our space; organize our mind; to thank all those small everyday objects that served us at the time...
Vurma en el Christmas Market de Puerto Portals

Vurma at the Christmas Market in Puerto Portals

Selling online has many advantages, but also some drawbacks. The main one is, without a doubt, that our clients cannot try on, look at each other and choose what they like best on the spot . For this reason, for us it has always been a challenge to be able to find unique environments and places with magic to exhibit our collections and show them to the world.
Rata Market o el mejor evento de libros, música y diseño de Mallorca

Rata Market or the best book, music and design event in Mallorca

We like few things more than getting involved in projects led by people who have a lot to say and show, where the main role is taken by small ideas, books that you can never find or creations. handmade that you ever imagined and never knew where to find.
Una artista diseña una joya en forma de máscara para burlar a la tecnología

An artist designs a jewel in the form of a mask to outwit technology

We at Vurma have not yet been encouraged, but the truth is that a jewel in the form of a mask has already been created that manages to outwit the most sophisticated technological systems.
Los envoltorios navideños más bonitos de Pinterest

The most beautiful Christmas wrappers on Pinterest

Few universal truths exist more certain than that referred to the act of giving; and it is that giving, as long as it is from the heart, is a show of love. And it doesn't matter if it's a letter, a macaroni necklace, a jacket vintage, a postcard from our last trip or an exclusive jewel. 
3 consejos para ordenar tus joyas al estilo Marie Kondo

3 tips to organize your jewelry in the Marie Kondo style

Tidying up is, in itself, a little everyday art. A kind of ritual in which each object has its own rules and each place it goes, a kind of hidden code.
¿Cómo elegir la talla de un anillo para que te quede perfecto?

How to choose the size of a ring so that it fits you perfectly?

Giving or buying a ring is not as simple a task as it seems. Not only do you have to choose the model, design, finishes and material, but also the size.
Los bolsos keniatas de sisal no son bolsos

Kenyan sisal bags are not bags

There are precise moments and certain objects that are not measured by the exact logic of metrics or matter. It happens sometimes with those trips that last exactly 11 songs or maybe two movies.
¿Qué regalar por (mucho) menos de 30 euros?

What to give for (much) less than 30 euros?

The act of giving includes a range of imperceptible gestures. It is not simply a matter of a material object, where you bought it or how you managed to get this or that.
En Vurma nos hemos dado una vuelta por Coachella

In Vurma we have taken a tour of Coachella

No one doubts that the festival (held from April 13 to 22) is probably the most hipster event of the year. Generator of trends, creator of fashion and mirror in which to be inspired; every self-respecting artist, instagramer or influencer wants to be there and appear in the photo.
#BodyPositive el mejor movimiento jamás visto en Instagram

#BodyPositive the best movement ever seen on Instagram

Instagram has become a window to the sublime world and, on many occasions, false. A supposed ideal world in which perfect women and men are photographed in perfect settings.