We want each and every one of our pieces of jewelry and bags to last you for many years. Therefore, below we detail some tips to keep them intact as the first day.

Silver jewelry: for us, the best and least corrosive way to wash silver jewelry is using hot water, neutral soap, an extra soft sponge and a clean cotton cloth. The jewels are placed in a small container with water, washed by rubbing with neutral soap and a sponge and, later, after leaving them to soak for a few minutes, they are carefully dried with a cotton cloth. We do not recommend baking soda or chemicals such as Aladdin Sidol, as they can corrode the piece and/or break it.

Gold plated jewelry: here it is especially recommended not to incorporate any chemical product that is too corrosive, since all our pieces are plated in 18k Gold and/or 925 Sterling Silver, and these chemicals can end the bathroom. We recommend lukewarm water mixed with a couple of drops of neutral soap and scrub with a soft-wired toothbrush. Once we have rubbed gently, we dry with a 100% cotton cloth.

Sisal Bags: Sisal Bags are made with 100% natural sisal fibers and with leather handles. To clean the Sisal Bag, it is best to shake it to remove traces of dust and use a dry and/or slightly damp cloth to clean possible stains. For leather, we recommend a neutral colorless shoe polish. After cleaning, we recommend letting it dry in the open air.

Vegan bags : possible stains can be removed with a slightly damp cloth and wipe another cotton cloth to dry it.