Desconecta del ruido: 5 revistas que redefinen la belleza y la calma

Disconnect from the noise: 5 magazines that redefine beauty and calm

In the midst of so much turmoil, quick Tiktok videos and turbulent news, we want to claim, from this small island, our right to stillness, to calm, to breathe deeply and simply enjoy the tranquility without further pretensions.

For this reason, now it seems more important than ever to have some reading references that invite us to dream or fantasize about another life, another calmer life, even if it is only during that little while when we look at our cell phone or look at our iPad. Calm magazines and magazines, outside of social networks, that move away from frenetic reels reproduced at 1.5x speed.

Maybe we are getting older or maybe we are passionate about the digital world but it also saturates us at times. Be that as it may, I think we are not the only ones.

Therefore, here are 5 magazines that move away from all of the above and only transmit beauty and tranquility to us .

- Kinkfolk The reference magazine par excellence of stillness and calm. It invites us to meet inspiring profiles, to appreciate minimalist, sober and elegant design, to discover artists, architects, writers or chefs who carry as their flag the combination of good taste, simplicity and nature.

The art, culture and lifestyle of Kinfolk inspires us at IslavurmaThe life, art and culture that Kinfolk transmits to us inspires us at Islavurma

- Cereal: to read and be inspired, with an absolutely global approach. It allows us to travel with our minds from Varanasi to Paris passing through California, Dubai or Mallorca.

Cereal magazine inspires us in Islavurma

Monocle: with a more global perspective, the English magazine Monocle addresses on topics ranging from politics to design, architecture, fashion or gastronomy. We like both its reflective tone and its careful editing, absolutely removed from the immediacy associated with current politics.

- Apartamento Magazine : one of the reference publications in the world of interior design and, probably, our favorite. Published biannually, it has a much fresher and more carefree perspective, focusing mainly on real homes of creative and stylish people, unknown artists, unique work spaces that are absolutely real, that are not dreamlike and unattainable.

Apartamento magazine inspires us in Islavurma

- The Gentlewoman : it was time for real women, with wrinkles and over 30 years old, to take center stage in magazines. Women with desires, influential in various fields, who embrace culture, art or politics but also fashion

The Gentlewoman magazine inspires us

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