Piedra de Luna Melocotón, la piedra de los comienzos

Peach Moonstone, the stone of beginnings

There are gems that transmit strength and others serenity; others are related to love; many others with passion and many with balance and balance. We are talking about quartz, zircons, onyx, but also sodalite or carnelian.

However, there is a family of stones that has conquered us for a few months and has been added to our catalog of designs, providing the light that we needed to feel and transmit.

Since their arrival we have not stopped breathing them, touching them, working on them in all their versions and states.

This is peach moonstone.

Its tone ranges between orange, salmon and pale pink and holistic gemstone enthusiasts relate it to the beginnings.
It is, therefore, a stone to start over, to return to what drives us, to connect with everything that stirs our insides.
Here are some of the designs that They are now available made with peach moonstone. From Mallorca and with all the desire in the world we present to you:
Nayra earrings: made with peach moonstone
Gara Necklace: made with peach moonstone

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